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Benefit from a scalable
payment platform

Designed for unified commerce, the Dalenys platform is ready to support you in your growth challenges on all channels.

Agile and connected payment
at the store

Sellers access customer data to act on the order

A fluid and innovative journey online

All the features to boost your conversion rates

Intuitive mobile shopping tunnel

App and mobile site solutions to support all purchasing behaviour

Unified payments across all your store networks

Franchisees, chains, marketplaces: all your points of sale integrated into the platform
The purchasing experience

Offer all payment methods
for unified routes

The customer journey is more important than the payment itself: support all new purchasing behavior

Card payment
at the store

Simple and split payments.

One-Click payment

Online customer identification for automatic payment.

Smart Checkout

Customer identification in store for automatic payment.

Click & Collect

Booking and online order for collection of products in store.

Reduction of waiting time

Mobile in-store collection (mPOS) to reduce waiting in checkouts.

Store to Web

Purchase e-commerce products from the store.

Omnichannel reimbursement

Refunds for online store purchases, and vice versa

Omnichannel franchisees

Payment at one point of sale, refund or exchange at another
Intelligent and secure technology

Recognise your customers
regardless of their purchasing journey

At Dalenys, we set up an identifier whatever the sales channel, thanks to tokenisation. This involves associating a bank card with a ‘token’ (single-use token, or alias).

Easy omnichannel purchasing paths

Recognition of customers on all channels: empowers stores by offering omnichannel routes, allows offer of one-click payments online, and loyalty actions

Secure device

No risk of revealing the customer’s card number, the data is completely secure

Financial reconciliation

Allows accounting reconciliation of transactions on mobile, internet and in store with a single view of all payments and refunds


All the data to manage your activity

Unified commerce is only possible with the tools in hand for precise follow-up. With the Dalenys 100% omnichannel platform, follow all your transactions channel by channel.

All associated transactions and financial flows are reconciled in a single, exportable table

Real-time analysis of channel performance; view on the cost of commissions, reimbursements and charge-backs

You remain in charge of allocating revenue between channels

You set the rules according to your specific business, with everything at hand

Treat your customers like a VIP, all thanks to data

Understand the preferred routes of your customers: transaction history, average basket by sales channel, purchases made by period, differentiation of purchases by channel. These precious elements will help you initiate more relevant marketing actions to retain your customers and clients.

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