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Oney with Dalenys

More and more merchants are offering their customers payment by instalments, a payment facility that is appreciated by all types of consumers: those who want to manage their budget better, be able to cope with unforeseen events, or afford a more expensive product or service than planned. 59% of French people use payment by instalments, and the same proportions are found in Spain and Portugal: 6 out of 10 consumers use it once a year. 1 in 2 European consumers would give up or postpone their purchase if their retailer did not offer payment by instalments, and 20% of French customers believe that they are a trigger for online purchases (Source Oney)

Integration methods

Directlink with redirection

The merchant displays the subscription form via a secure URL provided by Dalenys. No sensitive buyer information passes through the merchant’s server.

Customer Journey

Once the order is approved, the buyer selects payment with Oney in 3, 4 or 6 instalments

The buyer notes and accepts the cost of financing if any

The buyer fills out a form and enters their card data to validate their payment

The buyer receives by email a final answer or a request for additional information (CNI, proof of address)

On each payment date, the buyer receives a summary of these costs until the balance is paid off. The buyer gets a reusable Oney account with one of the partner merchants

Oney with Dalenys

Simple payment


Payment in several instalments


One-click payment


Subscription (MIT)



e-Commerce, Marketplace







Technical Documentation

All preferred payment
methods in Europe

Dalenys’ services cover the main card issuers in Europe. We offer you complete payment method coverage and advise you on the payment option you should include based on your target customer profiles.