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Accept iDeal payments with Dalenys

iDEAL is a widely-used payment method in the Netherlands that allows buyers to pay online via their bank account. iDeal accounts for 57% of online payments made in the Netherlands (Source iDEAL).

iDEAL relies on SEPA credit transfers and guarantees the merchant that the payment is made and cannot be cancelled (no risk of unpaid payments), with fairly low transaction fees. iDEAL enables high conversion rates thanks to its strong brand image among consumers.

Merchants who have integrated iDeal as a payment option report a sharp increase in their conversion rates in the Netherlands (up to 90%: Source iDEAL).

Integration methods

Payment form

• Selection of payment methods hosted by the merchant
• Payment data encrypted and sent to iDEAL via the Dalenys platform

Customer Journey

The buyer chooses iDEAL and then selects their bank

The buyer inserts their card into a reader and enters their PIN code to generate a single-use token

The buyer enters the token provided by the card reader in the form

The payment is validated

Relevant countries

iDEAL with Dalenys




Strong authentication with card PIN and single-use token

Simple payment


Payment in several instalments


One-click payment


Subscription (MIT)



D+1 D+2





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