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Acceptance of Apple Pay
for CB, Visa and Mastercard

Dalenys is the first payment service provider in France to launch Apple Pay for CB, Mastercard and Visa!

With Apple Pay, you can offer your customers a simplified experience: fast shopping without the need to create an account or enter shipping and billing information.


Payment app via iPhone/iPad: Apple Pay button followed by authentication via Face ID, Touch ID or password.

Payment via Apple Watch: double-tap the side button.

Web payment in Safari via iPhone/iPad: Apple Pay button followed by authentication via Face ID, Touch ID or password

Web payment in Safari via Mac with Touch ID: follow the instructions on the Touch Bar.

Web payment in Safari via Mac without Touch ID: iPhone or Apple Watch required to confirm payment

Integration methods

Server-to-server request

The merchant displays the payment form and the information entered by the buyer is transmitted to Dalenys via the merchant’s server

PCI-DSS compliant

No sensitive data passes through the merchant’s operating system, so the latter does not need to be PCI-DSS compliant

Customer journey

On the purchase summary screen, the buyer chooses Apple Pay as payment method

The buyer selects the card registered on the wallet, the delivery address and taps on Pay

Once the payment has been made, the buyer is redirected to the merchant site.

Relevant countries and currencies
configurable for Apple Pay

Apple Pay by Dalenys

Simple payment


Payment in several instalments


Recurring payment


One-click payment


Subscription (MIT)










Technical documentation

All preferred payment methods
in Europe

Dalenys’ services offer a broad range of alternative and innovative payments We offer you complete payment method coverage and advise you on the payment option you should include based on your target customer profiles.