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Accept American Express with Dalenys

In France as in Europe, particularly in Germany, the share of American Express cardholders is growing strongly. It is an essential asset in sectors such as hotels, travel and tourism. Allowing your customers to pay by American Express card is a good way to attract consumers, who have an average shopping basket 2.9 times higher than average, and who are more than 80% more loyal to a merchant that accepts the American Express Card*.

(Source Amex)

Integration methods

Direct Link

Server-to-server request. The merchant displays the payment form and the information entered by the buyer is sent to Dalenys via the merchant’s server. The merchant must be PCI-DSS compliant.


Selection of payment methods hosted by the merchant • Payment data encrypted and processed by the Dalenys platform

Customer journey

On the purchase summary screen, the customer chooses Amex as payment method

The buyer enters their card information on an encrypted form and clicks on Pay, then authenticates the transaction via Safekey

Once the payment has been made and validated, the buyer is redirected to the merchant site

Relevant countries
& currencies processing

Amex by Dalenys




Safekey Amex (3DS equivalent)

Simple payment


Payment in several instalments


One-click payment


Subscription (MIT)






yes, but managed by Amex

Technical documentation

All preferred payment
methods in Europe

Dalenys’ services cover the main card issuers in Europe. We offer you complete payment method coverage and advise you on the payment option you should include based on your target customer profiles.