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All payment methods

Make your customers' lives easier during the payment stage

Solutions for commerce of the future

Start a new relationship with your customers,
by increasing their possibilities to pay

Connected payment in store
Payment by QR code
Direct debit
Payment in instalment,
in store and online
Deferred payment,
upon shipment or reception
Group payment
Simple integration

Add new payment
methods with ease

Benefit from strategic support by a Customer Support Manager who analyses your growth challenges. We provide you the tools for a simple technical integration of the payment method on your online forms and your POS.
Find out how to implement each payment method in technical documentation.
See the technical documentation
Simultaneous deployment

Deploy each payment method at once on all your channels for a smooth customer journey.

A closer look at group payments

What if we had a weekend in Barcelona on August 27?
John reserves all the plane tickets, making sure to book the seats in a row, and requests payment from each of his friends
The travel site takes the imprint of his card, and sends an email to his friends

Each pays online via the email they receive. John does not need to advance the money, he only pays his share.


Simplify refunds on all alternative payment methods

Dalenys offers simplified access to refunds for all alternative payment methods (Multibanco, iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Sofort, etc.), even for those who do not offer it natively.

Partial or full refunds

A quick and easy operation for you and for the consumer

Validation in a few clicks

Thanks to information the user has already filled in when ordering, and that Dalenys recovers

Success Story

How customers can accelerate their international expansion with Dalenys: focus on the fashion sector

Distribution of major payment methods in the fashion / accessories sector (source: Dalenys Analytics) in three countries.


CB / Visa / Mastercard


Visa / Mastercard


77% iDeal
21% Visa / Mastercard

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