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Dalenys unifies your data
to increase your performance

Whatever your sales channels and countries where you are present, Dalenys unifies and centralises all your payment data, in real time. A major asset that lets you know your customers better, act on the order funnel, and make even the most complex business and marketing decisions.

Data from all channels

E-commerce, mobile, store

Data from all countries

Local and international

Data from all your networks

Franchisees, marketplace
Customer journey

With customer knowledge, don’t think only by channel, but buying behaviour as well

Transaction history, average basket by sales channel, purchases made by period ... enjoy a 360° view of your customers. These precious insights will help you initiate the most relevant marketing actions.

Recognise your customers on all channels

Thanks to the token (unique and secure identifier) ​​and Dalenys all-in-one platform, reconcile mobile payment transactions on the internet and in stores. Transaction history, average basket by sales channel, purchases made by period, you’ll gain the complete picture of your customers.

Act on the purchasing funnel and the customer journey

With unified data on all channels, all routes become possible. Offer more fluid and innovative user experiences: click and collect, “try at home / pay after”, mobile payment and store…

Develop personalised loyalty actions

Payment data is used to conduct behavioural analyses of customers. Pair them with your CRM to set up personalised loyalty programs.

Financial reconciliation

All data and payment flows viewable on the same portal

Benefit from an ergonomic tool to manage your transactions, with a complete view of the transactions (cardholder data, triggering of 3DS, 3DS verification accepted or refused, unpaid, etc.).

Within the Dalenys Dashboard, the ‘financial reconciliation’ page is the ally of your financial and operational teams. Benefit from a unified view on the transaction amount, and the amount actually collected, the detail of the cost of each payment, and more.


Learn more about financial reconciliation

Acquiring and issuing data, a force for the fight against fraud under PSD2

Managing data allows you to fight fraud without impacting on the conversion!

We have implemented an intelligent system that take advantages of all relevant data in order to minimise fraud rates. Regarding PSD2, our experts can advise you on the best options to retain your conversion.

Team of anti-fraud experts

Fine analysis of fraud cases and payment data

Continuously optimised rules engine

Risk management adapted to your business

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