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All purchase routes

Offer fluid online and offline customer experiences, triggering payment when you want

We align the payment life cycle and order life cycle to make all customer journeys possible.

Click & Collect

Order online then deliver the product to store

Single basket (multi-vendors)

A single payment, divided between vendors and the marketplace

Click & delivery

Order online, pay upon reception

Try at home, pay later

Customer is debited only for the products they keep
Try at home, pay later

Customer is debited only for the products they keep

The purchasing journeys that add most value for your customers are those where payment is no longer painful. What if you only trigger payment when your customer is sure of keeping the product, thereby avoiding the need for refunds?
Customer purchases a tablet and camera
The amount of the order is authorised
The customer receives the order. She likes the camera, but returns the tablet
Only the order amount for the camera is processed

The customer only pays for what she keeps, without additional steps for her or for you.

Customer recognition

A unique customer identifier
for smoother journeys

This identifier, also called a token, allows you to safely recognise your customers: what they buy, and where they buy it (on which channel, by which payment method, etc.). You have everything on hand to transform this data into loyalty marketing actions, and make your customers smile :-)

From the start of the shopping experience to home delivery, Tediber has considered, then reinvented, everything to maintain an emotional relationship with their customer. To make the payment  consistent with the brand’s DNA, Dalenys first had to understand the merchant’s branding needs, then create an experience:

  • Fluid and enjoyable
  • Full of surprises
  • Leaves a smile
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All networks

Set up omnichannel
in a network of franchisees

Integrating omnichannel routes into a network of franchisees requires setting up third-party collection. This regulated mechanism makes it possible to converge payment data, and offer an innovative and frictionless shopping experience.
Make every payment the start of a relationship
Purchase a gift in store. Customer wants to complement it with an accessory no longer available
The franchisee offers to add a product from the website, with delivery to point of sale or to the customer

Give your customers what they want: frictionless access to the products they desire

Point-of-sale refund for a product purchased online

Purchase from a franchise, supplemented by another point of sale for missing products in the 1st store

Purchase in a store, supplemented by an article from the website

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