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The marketplace suitable for all your sales networks

Add the products and services that support the core of your offer, on all your channels.


Your website is enriched with additional products or services, your customers know that they will find a wide choice at your place


Your stores offer additional services to your physical offer to make life easier for your customers


Your network of franchisees benefits from a collection mechanism on behalf of third parties that streamlines the customer experience
End-to-end solution

Benefit from total control over financial flows

The third-party collection mechanism makes it possible to offer online, and locally, services and products from partner sellers. The principle is exactly the same: simplify collection and automise payments to the various players involved.
Thanks to the marketplace, you offer a single basket to your customers for all their purchases, and distribute the funds among the sellers. You develop your sales by offering a wide range of products or services!
Unique integration with our API to give you access to all of our services
Secure collection on all channels and in several currencies
Flexible repayment management: multiple options for transferring funds to vendors
Compatibility with major marketplace players
(Mirakl, Izberg, Wizaplace)
Regulatory compliance

Regulatory framework for account-keeping and KYC

Dalenys advises you on the best procedure for your business: exemption from authorisation, payment establishment authorisation, payment service provider agent.

Collection procedures

Dalenys offers account management via an Electronic Money Establishment (EME). This framework allows marketplaces to comply with legal obligations and access simplified and rapid onboarding for their partners.

KYC expert

Dalenys maintains extremely rigorous KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures to ensure compliance and protect your reputation. Dalenys guarantees KYC for domestic and international merchants (European Economic Area and UK) in 48 hours.

PSD2 compliance

Your site is PSD2 compliant thanks to native solutions including tokenisation and PCI-DSS compliance.

Using Experience

Simplify the purchasing process

While orders may contain products from several different vendors, Dalenys guarantees the simplicity and traceability of purchases on marketplaces.


The customer performs only one payment transaction, while Dalenys distributes the payment into as many financial flows as there are vendors in the consumer's order.


Dalenys sets up a personalized transaction label on the buyer's bank account statement: it allows you to see exactly the nature of the purchases, and to avoid a dispute due to misunderstanding.

Monitoring tool

Financial reconciliation,
a key asset for peace of mind

Dalenys analyses all payment data, providing you a simple and effective tool to manage your transactions through the dashboard.

Report visualisation

Financial movements and associated costs on a single report, reconciling your receipts and repayments

Customisable analysis

Financial analysis adapted to your specific activity, business, and needs

Accounting reconciliation

Reconciliation of all payment transactions, from all your sales channels, whatever the means of payment

Export your data
on demand

Your reconciled data exportable from the Dalenys dashboard via webservices, as often as you need

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