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Strong 3DSV2 authentication:
limit the impact on conversion

Following the entry into force of the Regulatory Technical Standard of PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) on September 14, 2019, e-merchants must gradually apply strong authentication under the 3DS V2 protocol. The rules of the game are changing: it’s no longer the merchant who decides when to trigger strong authentication, but the issuing bank.

Dalenys, through its data infrastructure and proximity to the Groupe BPCE, allows you to anticipate regulations as best as possible, while preserving your conversion rates.

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Dalenys benefits from the support of Groupe BPCE, 2nd largest banking group in France and largest Visa issuer in continental Europe. This environment gives Dalenys proven expertise in terms of issuers’ expectations: our experts can anticipate the format of payment flows that will avoid triggering a strong systematic authentication, and advise you on the best options to preserve your conversion.


Our analysts take a close look at your customer and product data to optimise the anti-fraud system

Fight online fraud effectively with our in-depth analysis of fraud cases and payment data. A dedicated team of anti-fraud experts take a close look at all the data. With our continuously optimised rules engine, we can adapt fraud management to your specific business needs.
  • Delivery method
  • Basket products
  • VIP customers
  • Postal code
  • Basket amount
  • And all of your settings!
Management tool

Intelligent tracking of charge-backs

A module dedicated to charge-backs, combined with our expert anti-fraud teams

Management of charge-backs

Real-time payment of charge-backs

Charge-back data

Complete vision on the typology of charge-backs, the reasons for failure

Help with disputes

Assistance service for dispute cases

Cause analysis

Direct contact with our teams to analyse the causes

Fraud Premium

Extensive analyses of purchasing behaviour

Even when already well under control, fraud management remains an important concern as its improvement can have a large impact on turnover. It’s why we have created the Fraud Premium offer, based on in-depth studies of purchasing behaviour combined with granular and relevant data, to support merchants with their decision-making.

MisterFly is a travel booking platform (for flights, hotels, holidays and car rentals) and is France’s 2nd largest online travel agency. MisterFly sells its products via all distribution channels on the market: offline, through partners under white label or via APIs. Dalenys helps to maximise conversion by preventing fraud thanks to:

  • A payment mix adapted country by country in euros or other currencies (CB, Visa-MC inter, Oney, Apple Pay, AMEX)
  • Multiple sales channels to boost conversion (Mobile Order Telephone Order + mobile + online)
  • Customised support for the deployment of PSD2


Dalenys gives us valuable support to make a success of our PSD2 migration. Our Customer Success Manager is there for us step by step to avoid any major impact on our business or our customers’ UX” – Bach Truong, Head of Payment at MisterFly.

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AVS, a smooth anti-fraud tool for your international transactions

Fraud management adapted for Canadian, US and UK transactions.

Address control

The card issuer checks at the time of payment automation that the address entered for billing is identical to that declared at the opening of the account by the holder

A simple, non-time consuming tool

No action on part of the card-holder or merchant

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