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All your data

All your feeds accessible at a glance

Thanks to Dalenys all-in-one platform, and our dual status as acquirer and payment service provider, we have the complete view over payment data.

From a single interface, access financial reconciliation for all of your flows:


Your stores, website and mobile app


All countries where you are present

Multi points of sale

Your store, franchise or marketplace networks

Accounting toolkit

Financial reconciliation, the ally of your financial and operational teams

With all data viewable on a single portal, you have everything you need to make your important financial, accounting and operational decisions.
  • A unified view on the transaction amount, and the amount actually collected, according to adjustments related to refunds and charge-backs.
  • Details of each payment cost: scheme fees and interchange fees, with their breakdown by transaction.
  • Unique and exportable table to view all your flows
Discover the charge-back management tool
An ergonomic tool

Managing transactions
via the Dalenys dashboard

An ergonomic tool for all your point of sale and online transactions

Real time

Real-time access to collection statistics and performance by sales unit or consolidated, all payment methods combined

Complete data

Analysis of the data of all transactions (cardholder data, triggering of 3DS, 3DS verification accepted or refused, charge-backs, and more)

Fast and powerful search

Powerful and responsive search engine: transaction search by card number, IP or order number


Management of total or partial refunds

Conversion analysis

Monitoring of the evolution of the acceptance rate and conversion rate per payment page

Our Customer Support Managers are there for you

Our team is at your service for optimal deployment and monitoring
In addition to the tools, benefit from tailor-made support from implementation to daily monitoring to optimise and secure your operations.
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