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Dalenys alongside Natixis Payments

Since the announcement in October 2017 of Natixis’ signature of the majority acquisition of Dalenys shares, Fintech Dalenys has entered a new dimension. After a year, the alliance is successful and the projects through Natixis Payments are constantly growing – a major player in processing for financial institutions, digital payment solutions for consumers, and acceptance and acquisition solutions for merchants.

An ambitious rapprochement

As a long-time partner of Dalenys, Natixis now gives it the means to combine the best of their complementary know-how. This combination, of a functional nature, obviously encourages the composition of offers enriched on common verticals, like the SmartPOS, which Dalenys can now offer to its merchants. In addition to assisting major retailers with their cross-border collection issues, their marketplace and omnichannel sales management projects, this alliance’s main goal is to make Dalenys’ international expansion a model of success and speed. Dalenys thus has undeniable assets to respond effectively to the challenges of major merchants.

In a few years, Dalenys succeeded in becoming the first French Fintech, with a powerful technological offer that appealed to the biggest e-retailers and merchants with physical outlets, such as Burger King – Quick, Gifi, Made.com, Atlas For Men, AlloPneus, Winamax or Lastminute.com.

A range of complementary solutions

Dalenys is now part of Natixis Payments, which includes all BPCE Group's payment businesses and whose mission is to build better payment experiences every day - while accelerating the European development of distributed offers.

The various external growth transactions since 2017 have served Natixis Payments' strong commitment to create a solid and diversified value proposition in the payment universe, while promoting the growth of each solution.

Fintech of the ecosystem

All the Fintech partners are positioned on a niche, according to their own strengths, without redundancy, which allows the expression of concrete and value-creating synergies. Without losing their autonomy, their DNA and the control of their technical roadmap, the solutions complement each other and constitute a wide range of intelligent responses to the needs of the market. In this ecosystem, Dalenys is naturally positioned on the major e-commerce and connected commerce merchants, for whom its services in terms of support, conversion optimization and the fight against fraud are particularly adapted in the context of international and omni-channel development.

A new dimension

With Dalenys, merchants have an agile and creative offer that has a positive, concrete and measurable impact on their performances, both on conversion and on fraud management. With Natixis Payments, Dalenys further strengthens its technical capabilities, transactional and marketing knowledge and international network, and reaches a new stage in its growth.

By identifying technical optimisations on both sides, Dalenys experts are working to further increase the payment acceptance rate for its merchant customers (already very high with a platform average of 94% vs. an average market of 87%). %). In concrete terms, this new context increases Dalenys’ ability to use more and more data and enables it to simultaneously optimize payment and conversion, while offering a more sophisticated management of fraud. This sharing of skills is enriched by the close relationship cultivated by the sales and marketing teams. Dalenys thus capitalizes on the growing reputation of Natixis Payments, to build a strong and meaningful brand, in France and internationally.

New Horizons

A PSP and a buyer of financial flows, Dalenys is ready to face the future by keeping its operating methods, under the benevolence of its new shareholder who is, moreover, one of the largest card issuers and asset manager. Monetary flows in Europe. These characteristics, which will soon become assets in the face of regulatory changes, are already the first brick of a huge building under construction.

Dalenys' data centric orientation is already helping to increase the sales of its merchant customers, but the goal is large and the playing field now includes the international. More than 20% of the top 100 French e-commerce already trust Dalenys, the challenge is to collaborate with the remaining 80% and take tactical market shares at European level in selected geographical areas and verticals.

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