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The Omnichannel Retail sector weighs more than 60% of our business

With Dalenys, merchants benefit from an agile and international offering, with a positive, concrete and measurable impact on their results, conversion and fraud management.

Dalenys is proud to already count in Tediber, Boulanger, Shinzo, Carre blanc and Le Slip Français as key Retail Omnichannel references.

  • Well known amongst Sneaker lovers, Shinzo managed to standardize its product offering and customer journey. The brand, known for its online innovation and attention to details in its concept stores, aligned its identity with payment strategy. 100% omnichannel and agile, it brings customers from home to store, for a unified commerce experience:

    • Click and Collect to recover your order in store
    • Smart Checkout for automatic terminal payment
    • Premium support for each sales channel: online / POS / terminals
    • Share of click & collect on the total turnover

      In January 2019

    • Average share of cards outside France


  • Tediber revolutionized the mattress market and is now one of its major brands. From marketing to home delivery of the product, the French champion of bedding disrupted the purchase experience. Payment is seamlessly integrated in all sales channels, in-store and online, in both French and international websites. Dalenys participated in Tediber’s quick success by deploying:

    • A progressive strategy of European expansion, led by a dedicated payment expert
    • A differentiating payment facility (3x free online and in-store)
    • Ergonomic and easy-to-use management tools
    • Payment in 3x free of charge represents

      additional CA in 2018

    • 3 times payment in without fees represents

      Usual average basket in 2018

  • Le Slip Français refreshed the “made in France” underpants online selling. First available online, its quality products are now also available in 12 stores in France. Le Slip Français delivers a unique shopping experience to its customers with a payment path crossing all sales channels seamlessly. Dalenys, helped deploying an omni-channel shopping experience through:

    • Omnichannel-cart system to centralize stocks and offer the purchase of an in-store item from the web stock
    • Click and Collect to recover your order in store
    • Web in Store to buy products both from warehouse and online stock while in shop
    • 12 shops formed in the single basket,

      shop sellers in 2018

    • On-boarding time of the omnichannel project
      6 month


  • Atlas For Men is internationally known for its Outdoor apparel and accessories. The group currently generates € 165 million in revenue per year across all channels. In 2016, leaning on its successful experience in France, Atlas For Men started optimizing its payment strategy international deployment.

    Its ambition was to cover 9 additional countries in less than 2 years. For each targeted country, its local specificities to which Dalenys helped delivering:

    • A standardization of experiences in the purchase tunnel
    • A implementation of a 3D Secure disengaged (Smart 3D Secure)
    • Acceptance rate

      than the average sector in 2018

    • 3DS Trigger
      2x less

      than the average sector in 2018

Key KPIs in the Omnichannel Retail Industry

In number and in net on the year 2018


Acceptance rate


Unpaid rate


3DS rate

An omnichannel customer journey
to maximize conversion


Recognition of the customer by a unique ID whatever the sales channel

Payment in N times

On line / Off line without fees

Smart Checkout

Customer identification in store for automatic payment

Click & Collect

Online booking and ordering for product recovery in the store

Queue Boosting

Mobile in-store payments (mPOS), to reduce queues at the cashdesk

Store To Web

Purchase from the e-commerce store

A unique triple positioning on the market
to deal with regulatory issues (RTS and 3DS 2.0)

Perfect knowledge of financial flows

The modeling of the Issuer data

Dalenys is part of Natixis Payments (BPCE Group) and thus has unique access to the Issuer data analysis models

The acquirer data

Dalenys, Chartered Payment Institution by the ACPR

The merchant data

90+ technical fields transferable in payment request

The technical data

A direct and premium connection to payment networks (CB, Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.)

A 100% internalized anti-fraud solution

Native tools driven by a team of specialists

Our tools are all designed, maintained and optimized internally

A privileged support at the heart of a network of experts

A dedicated Payment Manager centralises and challenges business experts

Dispute requests handled by specialists

A team manages and defends your unpaid claims

Customizable Dashboard Analytics

Sharp monitoring of performance KPIs

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