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The FoodTech sector weighs for nearly 13% of our business

With Dalenys, merchants benefit from an agile and international offering, with a positive, concrete and measurable impact on their results, conversion and fraud management.
Dalenys is proud to already count in Big Mamma, O’Tacos, Quick – Burger King, Pizza Dell Arte and Brioche Dorée as key FoodTech references.

  • With rapid growth, O’Tacos wanted to homogenize its TPE fleet, while optimizing its conversion. By choosing Dalenys, O’Tacos has not only centralized its payment issues, but has also streamlined the cash flow. The dedicated payment expert, a specialist in FoodTech, has deployed a methodology based on:

    • Unified management of all sales channels and centralization of payment requests from headquarters and franchisees
    • An audit and recommendations for UX integrations
    • A solution from Click and Collect to streamline cash flow
    • Continuous accompaniment

      Covered restaurants

    • Dalenys becomes the

      Payment provider

  • Del Arte, 180 restaurants managed 84% by franchisees spread throughout France. The Le Duff Group banner generated sales of € 255.9 million at the end of 2017. To continue this growth, the group has undertaken a digital transformation of its restaurants. Thus, Dalenys has responded to a desire to digitize sales channels in a network composed mainly of independents. To do this, the Dalenys experts proceeded to:

    • On-boarding, contractual and technical, industrialized to manage more than 100 restaurants including 84% franchisees
    • Centralized payment requests from headquarters and franchisees
    • A solution from Click and Collect to order online and facilitate take-away
    • Continuous accompaniment

      Covered restaurants

    • Omni-channel payment solution to

      Deployed by Dalenys

  • Brioche Dorée’s fresh and simple catering attracts more than 270,000 customers every day worldwide and represents 17% of the Le Duff Group in terms of turnover. The world leader in French-style bakery, with 615 points of sale internationally, the brand has not escaped the Group’s ambition of digital transformation. Thus, Dalenys has responded to this project to digitize the sales channels in a network composed of 60% of franchisees. To do this, the Dalenys experts proceeded to:

    • A financial reconciliation service for all flows, from a single interface
    • A pilot project of bollards to pre-order and avoid wait in the box
    • A pre-order device on the mobile app to avoid waiting in the box
    • Omnichannel payment solution to

      Deployed by Dalenys

    • Continuous accompaniment

      Covered restaurants

Key KPIs in the Food Industry

In number and in net on the year 2018


Acceptance rate


Unpaid rate


3DS rate

Support for digitizing the buying experience and centralized management of the franchise network

Financial reconciliation

Accounting reconciliation of all payment transactions

Range of SDK

Integration with leading market platforms (OMS, CMS, PIM, Cashier Solution)

Centralized electronic support

Unified management of cash flow from all points of sale

Click & Collect

Online booking and ordering for product recovery in the store

Cross-border payments

Help to deploy your business internationally

Queue Boosting

Mobile in-store payments (mPOS), to reduce queues at the cashdesk

Expertise for fast on-boarding and effective follow-up

Support for digitizing the buying experience

In-depth knowledge of the entire ecosystem

Hardware manufacturers, cash solutions, maintenance, omnichannel solution etablers, etc.

Regular coordination workshops

Between the different providers involved in the payment

Dedicated payment expert

Specialist of organized trade issues

Transactional data analysts

Capable of sourcing data and practices of issuers

Watch for market innovations

To make you aware of new buying experiences

Agile tools for a relevant management of performance

Proven effectiveness of our on-boarding processes

For your entire network

An agnostic approach

With a wide and open range of tools

A payment mix adapted to the uses

Apple Pay, Wallets, private cards, etc.

Customizable Dashboard Analytics

Sharp monitoring of performance KPIs

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