Easy in-store payments, and omnichannel data reconciliation

A single player for all your transactions


POS terminal set-up and maintenance


Transactions handling


Transactions collection and payment


Business reporting

Simplify your clients' lives, and create loyalty!

In-store card payment

One-off payment
Instalment payment
Multi-Card payment

Check-out queues shortening

Cash-in with mPOS device
Smart checkout
Self checkout

Compatibility with all POS terminals (Ingenico, Spire...)

Simple administration of POS terminals
Post-telecollection reporting for in-store transactions

Streamlined purchase journeys, on every channel

You also make online and mobile payments? Dalenys reconciles omnichannel data, to offer all the options simplifying your clients’ lives

Innovative payment modes,
adapted to your business

Online instalment, in-store balance
One-click after in-store payment

Cross-channel clients' journeys:
Web to Store / click & collect / Store to Web

Online booking and order for in-store products collection
Purchase of products coming from the e-commerce site directly in store

In-store mobile payment, to facilitate the payment journey

Replace your POS terminals with a bank card payment system connected with a mobile (mPOS)

Easy in-store payment

enables to reduce waiting-time at the check-out

Orders safely and directly taken by a seller

with a smartphone or tablet equipment

Automated update of the interface

no maintenance fees

Simplify your integration and follow-up

Customized reporting of all payments

360° clients overview
Financial reconciliation
Granular activity tracking

Free choice of banking institution(s)

Funds receipt on the bank account of your choise, in European Economic Area, Switzerland and Monaco

Well-adapted offer for franchise networks

Breakdown of settlements
Easy administrative deployment

A single payment partner for all your stores in Europe

Accept every currency with a single payment solution. Develop your international presence, with more than 100 currencies and 300 payment methods.

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