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Simplified deployment to increase development opportunities

Register as a Payment Institution Agent or benefit from a exemption

Payment collection on a marketplace is an activity regulated by PSD2, and supervised by banking regulators. Our experts guide merchants through the most adapted procedure depending on their situation.

Benefit from an exemption

provided that you have a limited range of products or a limited vendors network

Get an authorization

as payment institution

Become Agent providing Payment services

A process made possible with Dalenys

A turnkey solution!

Benefit from a comprehensive control of financial flows

Secure cash-in accross all channels

with regulated payment account management by Dalenys, authorized payment institution


compliant with regulations, funds available in x+1 days

Cash-out management with high-flexibility

Multiple bank transfer options for vendors

Financial reconciliation

Your management facilitated

An expert KYC

Extremely rigourous KYC process, to ensure your compliance and your reputation management

Control vendors' probity

With identity control of beneficial owners of the collected funds and the services delivered, commercial disputes are reduced, and the marketplace reputation is protected

A solid experience since 2012

Since its launch, Dalenys makes KYC for all his clients, merchants and marketplaces. This experience enables to face the diversity of situations (nature of the business, legitimacy to ask for supporting documents).

Optimize your User Experience

As orders can contain products coming from several different vendors, Dalenys guarantees the purchases made on marketplaces are simple and traceable


The customer completes only one payment operation, while Dalenys splits the payment in as many financial flows as the number of vendors in the consumer's order


Dalenys sets up a customized statement descriptor on the buyer's bank account: it enables to see exactly what has been bought, and to avoid disputes due to misunderstanding

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