The incredible omnichannel payment

The cross-channel payment strategy
of Tediber startup

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How to offer a cross-channel payment experience
for sales development?

From the beginning of the shopping experience to home delivery, Tediber has thought and reinvented everything to maintain an emotional relationship with its clients. In order for the payment to be consistent with the brand's DNA, Dalenys first had to grasp the merchant's Branding issues to think of an experience:

Fluid and pleasant

Full of surprises

Who gives the smile

Tediber revolutionized the mattress market to become the leader

In 2015, Tediber launches its unique mattress concept. First sold exclusively on tediber. com and recently available in a Parisian concept store, the brand promises clarity and simplicity: its unique, revolutionary product, of exceptional quality, is marketed without intermediary, at the right price, for all and all year round.

If the house claims this offer of values, it is that it deals as well with the design, the manufacture, the distribution.

Mastery of the pre-sales steps is not only a guarantee of quality and traceability, but it also allows Tediber to lay the groundwork for a strong positioning based on a seamless customer experience.

The methodology of Dalenys

A dedicated payment expert

and specialist omnichannel strategies in the retail sector

The provision of a payment facility

differentiating and seductive for the customer to know the payment in 3x free, online and in store

A progressive European expansion

on the basis of a deep audit of the most generative means of payment of business in each of the deployed countries

Tools Management

ergonomic and simple to use to give a smile, even in case of refund

« Tediber has from the beginning maintained a simple and trustworthy relationship with Dalenys. Availability and responsiveness are essential to enable us to effectively develop each of our projects ».

Thibaut Gouny
COO, Tediber Operations Manager

Distribution of major means of payment in the furniture / decoration sector

3 countries deployed through an e-commerce site: France, Spain, Italy

A unique and expert Omnichannel contact in the Retail sector

With its knowledge and its proximity to all Dalenys expertise, our Payment Manager centralizes exchanges related to UX, fraud, data, technology, etc.


day-to-day payment strategy deployed, and track performance KPIs

To contribute

fully that the customer experience is as fluid and efficient in concept-store as Tediber.com


solutions in place and innovate

« We chose Dalenys especially for the flexibility of the tool, completely adapted to structures like ours».

Thibaut Gouny
COO, Tediber Operations Manager

3x free online and in-store payment opportunities

By lightening the first payment, this method of payment makes it possible to meet the highest baskets and thus increase the turnover. It can also trigger the purchase.


additional CA

x 2 Medium Basket

higher than the usual average basket

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