Fraud prevention and optimizing conversion

The Premium anti-fraud strategy
of lastminute.com

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How to fight against fraud
without destroying the conversion?

Accompanied by Dalenys, lastminute.com has seen its fraud rate largely decreasing without decreasing its conversion rate. To do this, the dedicated payment expert and all Dalenys employees first audited the merchant to find that they were:

A sector largely
attacked by fraudsters

An area where the
competition is very strong

A merchant with a
high average basket

Lastminute.com: a sector with multiple levers of growth

Booking platform for flights, cars, hotels, cruises, stays, lastminute.com now belongs to the Saber group, world leader in travel solutions for the tourism industry.

Today, lastminute.com addresses 40 million monthly users of OTA sites in its various countries of operation (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain).

"When we look back at the evolution of our market and our brand since 1998, the possibilities that look forward to the next 20 years seem endless. See you in 2038!" Says Marco Corradino, CEO of lastminute.com.

The methodology of Dalenys

An omnichannel customer journey

to maximize conversion

Intelligent management of fraud

adapted to local risks

Anti-fraud tools

efficient and responsive

Setting up an omnichannel customer journey
to maximize conversion

An adapted payment mix

to local habits (ANCV, 3xCB and 4xCB, multi-currency ...)

Speed of integration

thanks to a connection to the main GDS: Orchestra, Amadeus, Resalys

In-app integration

mobile application path

An ergonomic payment page

for a seamless experience

A multi-card payment facility

allowing the highest payments

Intelligent management
of fraud adapted to local risks

With its knowledge and its proximity to all Dalenys expertise, our Payment Manager centralizes exchanges related to UX, fraud, data, technology, etc.

Dedicated payment expert

specialist in travel sector issues

Transactional data analysts

able to source data and practices from issuers

Unique monitoring on the market

by a seasoned Fraud Prevention Team

Regular coordination workshops

between Lastminute.com and Dalenys

Effective and responsive anti-fraud tools

Advanced rules engine

and specific to the Travel sector

Effective levers

Oppotota, blocking of "not enrolled" cards, list of risk profiles, etc.

Continuous optimization benefiting lastminute.com

with many consolidated data sources

Customizable Dashboard Analytics

for a sharp follow-up of performance KPIs

Default rate (in number)


The opportunities for multi-card payment

Despite its recent integration in September 2018, the multi-card payment is already helping to optimize lastminute.com’s conversion with:

5% of the flows concerned

by multi-card payment

An average basket 32% higher

than the usual average basket

The evolution of the default rate (in number)


Unpaid rate in 2016


Unpaid rate in 2017


Unpaid rate in 2018

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