User Experience

Optimize client experience and offer features corresponding to usage trends

Conversion strategies adapted on every channel, and depending on your business specificities

Payment is the last and most valuable stage in the purchase funnel; it is the point at which you seal the deal. E-Commerce, mobile, store: set up the best strategies on every purchase journey.

Customized payment page

100% responsive

One-page Checkout

integrated and PCI-DSS compliant

Sales peak management

thanks to a robust platform

Refund management

both in-store and online

Explanation of transactions failures

to offer your customers an alternative solution

All payment modes

one-off payment, instalment, deffered, multi-card payments, subscription...

Offer all payments modes,
handle all purchase behaviors

Dalenys omnichannel platform enables to set up easily the solutions adapted to your clients and your specific needs

Cards in-store payments

One-off and instalment payments

One-click payment

Online client identification
for automated payment

Web to Store / Click & Collect

Online booking and / or ordering products
before in-store collection

Store to Web

Pruchasing online products
while being in-store

Smart Checkout

Checkout enabled by in-store
customer's authentication

Queue boosting

Mobile in-store payments (mPOS)
to reduce queues at the cashdesk

Maximize your e-commerce and mobile conversion rate

Our features are designed to increase your turnover, and make customers happy!

Payment form totally integrated and customizable

Consistant and reassuring design
Easy integration: "hosted fields", "direct link" modes, and mobile / in-store / omnichannel SDK
PCI DSS compliant

Clear promise

Reminder of the cart content
Reminder of the total price during payment

Optimized ergonomics

Responsive: mobile, tablet and desktop
Easy browsing
No useless click

The power of data to improve your customer knowledge

Payment data enable to make clients’ behavior analysis, and thus plan more judicious marketing actions.

History of your transactions and transactions attempts

Average cart per sales channel

Purchases made per period

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