Streamline your client’s journey to boost your sales

Close the gap between offline and online

By managing the full payment chain in-store, online and on mobile,
you can easily integrate all the innovations which will make your clients' journey more fluid.




Offer all payment modes,
handle all new purchase behaviors

In-store card payments

One-off and instlament payments

One-Click payment

Online client identification for automated payment

Smart Checkout

In-store client identification for automated payment

Web to Store / Click & Collect

Online booking and / or ordering products before in-store collection

Queue boosting

Mobile in-store payments (mPOS), to reduce queues at the cashdesk

Store to Web

Purchasing online, while being in-store

Discover agility enabled by a full control of data

Easy cash-in and refunds

Get paid and refund both online and in-store

Clients' journeys

Guide your clients throughout their entire payment journeys

Breakdown of the income

Manage the breakdown of the income across channels

Recognize your clients, whatever their purchase journey

At Dalenys, we set up a unique client ID, whatever the sales channel, thanks to tokenization. We associate a bank card to a “token” (or alias).

Easy omnichannel payment journeys

This unique ID enables to make "1-click" payments, on desktop and on mobile (the customer does'nt have to type his card number every time).


The « token », linked to the customer without unveiling the card number, can be stored by the merchant without any danger for the bank card security.

Financial reconciliation

It's also used as a key to reconcile online, mobile and in-store payment operations.

Connect payment data and CRM to create clients' loyalty

Transactions history, average cart per channel, sales made per period... are precious elements to help you trigger more accurate marketing actions!

Easy account reconciliation support

All the transactions and associated financial flows are brought together into a single exportable table. The financial reconciliation tool simplifies your accounts, providing you with a real time and precise view of the your commission costs, refunds and chargebacks.

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