Fraud prevention

Analyse all your data flows to protect your turnover

The best ratio between fraud prevention and sales conversion

3-D Secure applied to all transactions causes a decline in turnover of 10% to 15%. Our powerful rules engine combines your data, our expertise of PSP and acquirer, and your context (business sector, seasonality...).

Optimal security

Reduce fraude
with pinpoint targeted actions

Preserved conversion

Increase your sales by triggering 3DS
only on risky transactions

Quick decision-making

Real-time automated approvals
& easier manual review

Protecting you efficiently

Fight fraud on 3 levels, and leave no breach


At the moment of payment : 98,5% of fraud stopped in real-time

Near real-time

By combining our anti-fraud expertise with your business knowledge: processing of the remaining 1,5%

Reception of chargebacks

We help you manage and resolve your chargebacks: 17% fewer chargebacks

Your data are precious!

Our analysts meticulously examine your clients and products data to optimise the fraud prevention ruleset

Delivery mode

Cart items

VIP clients


Cart amount

And all your parameters!

The power of Machine Learning to tackle fraud

Adopt the most powerful tools to prevent fraud!

Transaction analysis automation, without any priori rule definition

A step forward in the fight against fraud, thanks to Artificial Intelligence!

Constrain chargebacks volume, maximize conversion

Impressive results on conducted tests!

AVS, a gentle anti-fraud tool for your international transactions

Fraud management adapted to Canadian, American and British transactions

Address check

The card issuer checks at the time of payment authorization that the billing address is the same that the one declared by the holder during the account opening.

A simple and non time-consuming tool

No action from the holder or the merchant

You want to challenge your payment strategies?

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