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Dalenys, a single partner for all your transactions

Live another payment experience

With a cutting-edge expertise on data, Dalenys supports merchants to increase their revenue on every channel, and in every country they are located. Thanks to its omnichannel payment solution, Dalenys optimizes online, mobile and in-store payments. With a three-fold approach as acquirer, PSP (Payment Service Provider) and business expert, Dalenys offers a support from A to Z, with a comprehensive control of financial flows.

Within the Natixis Payments ecosystem, Dalenys is positioned as the payment solution dedicated to the big e-commerce and connected commerce merchants, in France and on an international scale.

Dalenys, a three-fold approach for full financial flow management

Comprehensive vision

of all payments

Financial reconciliation tool

to simplify your accounting

Free choice

of banking institution(s) in European Economic Area, Switzerland and Monaco

Breakdown of settlements

towards multiple bank accounts

Innovation in Dalenys DNA

« At Dalenys, we think that payment must be extremely smooth and nearly invisible to be totally matching the brand experience, online and in stores. To succeed it, we completely rethought the approach. Payment is not only a conduit, but a data and statistics business. »

The strength of real-time data analysis

Better understand
clients’ purchase behaviour

Adapt acquisition and loyalty actions online, on mobile and in-store

Continuously adapt
client experience

Offer a responsive and completely customized payment page

Get the best ratio
between security and conversion

Trigger 3DS only on risky transactions, so you don’t lose any client

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