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Dalenys, specialized in the optimization of e-commerce / mobile / store payments, is pleased to unveil its new Dashboard. This ergonomic platform will make your transactions monitoring easier.

An ergonomic and streamlined interface
To save you time in your day-to-day life, Dalenys’ technical teams have worked to deliver a smart space. With now distinct functions, better hierarchical messages and intuitively positioned buttons, the new Dalenys Dashboard offers you the same possibilities by making navigation easier.

Better organization of your transactions’ filters
The list of filters is now presented in a drop-down menu and organized in alphabetical order. You will be able to manage your operations in a few clicks, and find the information you are looking for in seconds!

Daily monitoring of the POS activity
If your business, or part of it, focuses on physical sales outlets with point of sale terminals, you’ll be happy to discover that the new Dashboard allows you to track your telecollects every day.
Indeed, it gives you access to the sales you made the same day, to offer an efficient and centralized management.

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