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Payment institution

Since January 3, 2011, Dalenys Payment is a payment institution approved by the ACPR, the French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority, under registration number 16378. As such, it regularly reports to this regulator and responds to its requirements.

our activities

Through efficient and controlled operational procedures at several levels

To secure financial flows

by applying all regulations in force, especially AML / CFT and freezing of assets, fraud and escrow

To guarantee our customers are protected

by ensuring customer protection rules, and the adequacy of our marketing procedures with the proper means


PCI DSS certification

Compliance with the PCI DSS standard is mandatory for all establishments that transport, store and / or process bankcard data.

Dalenys Payment has PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider certification, the highest level of information system security requirements for bankcard data processing.

With the Dalenys Payment solution, merchants entrust the securing of their transactions to a trusted third party certified at the highest level.

Moreover, for merchants to easily demonstrate their compliance with the PCI DSS standard in a simple way, Dalenys Payment offers ‘hosted fields’ payment forms that allow the use of simplified SAQ A questionnaires (Self-Assessment Questionnaire A).

Merchant Agent by VISA,
and Service Provider approved by MasterCard

To continue to guarantee transactions, banking networks now require merchants  to work exclusively with approved operators like Dalenys.