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The challenges we take on

Make payment an asset for your business

With its unified payment platform for all your transactions, Dalenys supports your growth and enriches the relationship with your customers: omnichannel routes, e-commerce and mobile payment, store opening, international growth, marketplace launch. Every payment counts!

Our approach

Solutions for your business

Whatever channels you are present on or want to expand to, we have what you need.

Start a new approach: don’t think only by channel, but by purchasing behaviour too

Our clients

Success stories

From DNVB, to marketplaces, franchise networks, e-merchants and more, we are proud to support companies with ambition, and have developed sectoral expertise to support your specific business.

Tediber: The incredible omnichannel payment

or How to offer a cross-channel payment experience for sales development?

Discover the use case

Ergonomic tools
to manage your activity

Dalenys unifies all data in omnichannel, internationally and at all your points of sale. All of your feeds and data are accessible in real time on your dashboard

Customer Success Managers at your service

Benefit from support from A to Z, with strong values: transparency, reliability and proactivity. A dedicated Customer Success Manager supports you, from day-to-day implementation, to optimising and securing your collections.


is just
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